Hand Sanitizer Gel With 75% Alcohol 500ml Shierjie (FDA)

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Hand Sanitizer Gel With 75% Alcohol 500ml Shierjie


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Product description:

  • Non-toxic material - It is edible alcohol made from high-quality corn and it is a better class of alcohol sanitizer than those in Costco. It is a promise of product safety.

  • Product Safety - FDA Listing and CE are available.

  • High-quality pumps - More durable and convenient.

  • Hard bottles - Comfortable and sturdy for carrying around.

  • Bubble Gel - Produced by a special Japanese tech.

  • Quick dry and no need water washing.

  • Competitive price - We wholesale Shierjie Alcohol Sanitizer with a comparable price vs. Costco.

  • Tasteless. Worry-free of strong alcohol smell.