Best Eyebrow Pencils

There are plenty of great eyebrow pencils to choose from, so it's a little hard for customers to make a right decision. Such as Party Queen, Music Flower, Lizi Girl, PUDAIER, Magic Halo, CmaaDu, Maidihui, and more, so how do you know which one is the best? Don’t worry, help you pick the best option. We put together the top 18 Best Eyebrow Pencils for you.

We have searched and tested a variety of eyebrow pencils. Right on top of the list is Party Queen Pencil. Read on for a list of our top picks, as well as a buying guide on how to select.

1. Professional Rolls Soft Pull Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof Long Lasting Eyebrows


  • Quantity: 1 pc

  • Formulation: Pencil

  • Effect: Easy to Wear Natural Long-lasting

  • Waterproof / Water-Resistance: Yes

  • Size: Full size

  • Origin: China

2. HANDAIYAN Eyebrow Cream Gel Professional Eyebrow Pen Long Lasting Waterproof


  • Quantity: 1

  • Ingredient: eyebrow gel

  • NET WT: 1pcs

  • Formulation: gel

  • Effect: Easy to Wear Natural Long-lasting

  • Waterproof / Water-Resistance: Yes

  • Size: Full size

3. Handaiyan Crayon Sourcil Eyebrow Pencil 4 Carving Eyebrow Tint Waterproof Eyebrow


  • Quantity: 1

  • Ingredient: pen

  • NET WT: 0.02kg

  • Formulation: Pencil

  • Effect: Easy to Wear Natural Long-lasting

  • Waterproof / Water-Resistance: No

  • Size: Full size

4. Party Queen makeup crayon eyebrow pencil waterproof natural dark brown color


  • For easy makeup, give you a beautiful cosmetic.

  • It is easy to carry and you can check your cosmetic anytime anywhere.

  • Long Lasting, Smooth, Beautiful Color, Easy to Use, Waterproof

  • It can make your eyes spirited immediately

  • The 3 colors eyebrow pencils kit is perfect for daily use

5. 3 in 1 Shadow Eye Brow Makeup Set Waterproof


  • This 3 functions eyebrow pencil easy to use and draw a perfect & natural looking eyebrow! Brighten your eyebrow color, which give you attractive & glamorous eyes. High Resistance to sweat, water, and friction, its long lasting effect because of multiple repair.

  • Brand: Music Flower(original)

  • Net WT: 0.2g+0.4g+2g

  • Shelf Life: 3 years

  • 3 Colors Optional:

  • NO.01: Kajal(black) + Eyebrow Powder (dark coffee) + Eyebrow Gel (dark coffee)

  • NO.02: Kajal(black) + Eyebrow Powder (light coffee) + Eyebrow Gel (light coffee)

  • NO.03: Kajal(black) + Eyebrow Powder (black) + Eyebrow Gel(black)

6. Waterproof JIA LANDAI 3D Eyebrow pencil LIZI girl triad cushion eyebrow pencil


  • BRAND: Lizi girl

  • NAME: Triad cushion eyebrow pencil

  • SPECIFICATIONS: Individually wrapped

  • SIZE: About 13.5cm


  • SHELF LIFE: Three years


  • PRODUCT EFFICACY: Clear and smooth

  • Waterproof and non-staining

  • NOTICE: Do not pull out too much ink, just about 5 or 6 MM each time, and if you are unwell after use, please stop using it.

7. Pudaier eye makeup eyebrow pencil 3 colors liquid eyebrow gel pomade waterproof


  • Brand: PUDAIER

  • Type: Liquid eyebrow pen

  • Net: 1ml

  • Color: 01 Deep Brown 02 Blonder 03 Dark grey

  • 24hours waterproof, long-wear, easy to color smudge-proof, fine sketch, tattoo sense of super durable.

  • The normal eyebrows person: Gently apply the pen to draw the contour of eyebrow and continue to color inside evenly along brow-shape you draw last step for create the vivid and nature eyebrows.

  • Sparse eyebrows person: Firstly, sweep away to shape define the brows contour, then gently to define the brows from sparse area. Finally, use the pen fill in color by a 45degree angle evenly to create the perfect 3D eyebrows

  • Package: 1PC* Pudaier liquid eyebrow pen

8. Ultra Fine Triangle Eyebrow Pencil Precise Brow Definer Long Lasting Waterproof


  • Ultra-fine triangle eyebrow pencil

  • Precise Brow Definer

  • Easy to color

  • Draw exquisite eyebrows, smooth powder

  • No skidding, no caking, easy to wear

  • Waterproof and long lasting

  • Smooth and easy to wear

  • No dizzy and unique natural formulation

  • With natural and gentle color, which can help your eyebrow looks more natural

9. Newest Quick Drying Eyebrow Enhancers 2ml Waterproof Three-prong Eyebrow Pencil


  • The Eyebrow Pencil is economical, and ECO friendly.

  • The Eyebrow Pen's quality is good and price is very competitive.

  • The Liquid Eyebrow Enhancer is a very thoughtful gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother and other lady,

  • Especially for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, Christmas, New Year's Gift

  • It can be supplied in large quantities and wholesale is more cost-effective.

10. NEW Eyebrow Pencil Women Girl Micro-Blading Four Fork Liquid Eyebrow Pen


  • Designer liquid eyeliner Make up.

  • 5 colors Black, grey brown in our store for you choose from.

  • Weight: 17g.

  • Top quality.

  • High quality, cheaper.

11. NOVO beauty eyebrow cream, waterproof eyebrow pencil 3g with 3 different color


  • Quantity: 1

  • Ingredient: as shown

  • NET WT: 3g

  • Formulation: Pencil

  • Effect: Easy to Wear Natural Long-lasting

  • Waterproof / Water-Resistance: Yes

  • Size: Full size

12. Miss Rose Micro carving eyebrow pencil Quick Dry Waterproof Eyebrow pencil


  • Formulation: Liquid

  • Effect: Natural Long-lasting

  • Waterproof / Water-Resistance: Yes

  • Size: Full size

13. Handaiyan Double Eyebrow Pencil Wholesale Highlighter Duo Pencils with Sharpener


This double sides highlight pencil is the perfect tool to define your brows and make your arches pop. Its dual ends feature a matte side and shimmer side. Create a gorgeous finish, imparts a lustrous sheen to skin, creates depth, All Order will be Packed very well and carefully by bubble Box, Will Check One by One before send out; After delivered if find broken or what else problem we will Unconditional refund, all colors could choose just note it when book

14. 1818 Eyebrow Pencils Waterproof Soft Long-lasting Natural Painting Eyebrow Tools


  • With 8 Years’ experience in manufacturing, research, development, and exportation to overseas. We know more about what you really need.

  • Top authenticated raw material suppliers. No defective ones permitted from raw material, semi-finished, to finished products. Welcome to inspect in our factory at any time.

  • We will keep developing and providing top selling and Amazing products to activate your market and increase your sales.

  • 100% brand new and high quality - Natural looking. - Long lasting and waterproof. - Easy to apply and remove. - It is made for every woman and her dynamic modern life.

  • due to the difference between light and screen, the color may be slightly different from the picture. Beg to be excused. Make sure you do not mind before you order.

15. Waterproof Lock Color Cream Eyebrow Gel Pencil Eyebrow Pen with Brush


  • The color lasts all day without fading or creasing. Use different shades color to create more three-dimensional natural eyebrow.

  • Gentle formula, smooth texture, easy to apply

  • High purity of color and velvety texture, dram thickness liner optionally, one liner to shape.

  • Waterproof, long wear and oil-proof, keep the effect all day and non-dizzy.

  • The soft brush helps you to create both thick and thin accurate lines.

  • Brand: Magical Halo

  • Product Name: Soft Gel Eyeliner

  • Net Wet: 4.5g

  • Weight: 29g

  • Colors: 01#black, 02#brown

  • Shelf Life: 3 years

16. CmaaDu Quad Fork Eyebrow Pencil Wholesale 3 Color Eye Brow Pen Waterproof


  • BRAND: CmaaDu

  • Model Number: 4X

  • Quantity: 1 piece

  • Ingredient: eyebrow tint

  • NET WT: 1.5g

  • Formulation: Pencil

  • Effect: waterproof Easy to Wear Natural Long-lasting

  • Waterproof / Water-Resistance: Yes

  • Size: Full size

17. Double Head Eyebrow Pencil Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Brow Pen Tint Mascara


  • Eyebrow pencil, Eyebrow Makeup with Dual Ends, featuring a tear dope tip, precisely outlines, easily shades, evenly fills in brows. Using the fine point of the triangle-tipped pencil, create hair-like strokes by applying light pressure and swiping in the direction that hair grows

  • 360 Degree rotation design: retractable eyebrow pencil body adopt water proof pencil refill, goes on smoothly, the color can stay all day long. to prevent sweat, rain from smudging.

  • Double-head design: Use a brush on the other end of the pen to help you sort out irregular eyebrows and make it easier to color. Very easy to outline eyebrows naturally and easy to carry.

  • Easy to Use - Beginners and professionals love our Eyebrow pencil because it is so easy to draw and fill using.

18. Oem Waterproof Long-lasting Eyebrow Pencil with Brush Private Label


  • BRAND: Maidihui

  • Model Number: 1013

  • Ingredient: Mineral

  • NET WT: 2ml

  • Formulation: Pencil

  • Effect: Easy to Wear Natural Long-lasting

  • Waterproof / Water-Resistance: Yes

  • Colors: 3 Colors

  • Place of Origin: China

  • Size: 13.5*3.2*1.5 CM Full size

  • Logo: Accept Customized Logo