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Xcommerces Gateway, Inc.

SF Bay Area

Office & Digital Trade Center

Open Google Map : 32550 Central Ave, Suite 2800, Union City, CA 94587

Office Open: M-F, 9am-6pm; Holiday Closed.

Tel/Voice msg: 510-606-5500

  • Operates the showroom for samples from suppliers

  • Connects overproduction warehouses with the bay area small businesses and flea market businesses.

  • Quick liquidation sales with unbelievable prices.

  • SF Bay Area Local delivery and nationwide shipments.

  • Digital technologies Supports and advanced analytics.

  • Support small business with financial loan.

Warehouse Store in LA, California

Chino, CA 91710, U.S.A.

Drop Shipping Only

9am-6pm, 7days/week. Holidays closed.

  • Quick Liquidation Inventory

  • Helps the clients to imports quality goods with an amazingly low price.

  • Connects the US nationwide overproduction warehouses & industries with the local small businesses in LA, California.

  • Distributes the overproduction goods for dropshipping businesses.

Team: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Warehouse & Office in construction

Team: Mexican City, Mexico

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